COMFORT – At Protection Genie, we realize that many consumers are new to wearing masks and other safety accessories on a daily basis. We strive to offer products that are comfortable as well as effective, thereby encouraging routine use.


EFFECTIVENESS–While no mask is 100% effective in protecting against Covid-19 and other viral outbreaks, Protection Genie masks certainly reduce the chance of disease contraction while simultaneously guarding against inhalation of health hazards like dust and pollution.


AFFORDABILITY –In times of crisis, two types of characters tend to emerge: the profiteers and the helpers. At Protection Genie we strive to be the latter. The price gouging employed by many retailers during crisis is not in our DNA. You will find fair pricing for quality products at Protection Genie; we will fight to remain affordable despite shortages and rising demand.


DESIGN–Founder Ivy Parker believes that design matters. Just as design is an imperative for maternal mental health with the Jubblies brand, it is a differentiating staple of Protection Genie. Understandably, most companies are not focused on fashion in a crisis. Having said that, from a child’s perspective, it can be quite frightening to suddenly see everyone donning masks and gloves for previously routine activities. At Protection Genie, our products geared towards children are intentionally designed to be welcoming. We know as parents how imperative it is for our children to be protected. Let’s work together to help them adjust to new safety protocols with as little apprehension as possible.

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